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Feel free to contact me if you want a web site for your bingo venue. Send me mail at:


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Hey BINGO managers!

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This site’s purpose is to give bingo players the opportunity to see in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, California and Las Vegas and Nevada areas where they can play. By advertising your specials, game schedules and the like they can decide to play at your establishment.

I came to win!I put this site up because I get emails from new players that are confused about the game and feel quite intimidated about going. Hopefully they will understand the basics and feel more comfortable, and knowing in advance how your establishment works will give them the feeling they belong already.

If your organization would like a page with their general information on it, your logo, directions and description of the games played, the fee is a one time charge of $100. To host and update the page each month with current information and specials the fee is $30 per month. (I barter so ask me about trading for playtime at your place!!!) See the sites at Trabuco Hills High School and ElksBingoMV.

For a banner about your organization on the front page, the fee is only $15 a month , or $5 a month for inside pages. Ads at the bottom of any inside page will be $5 a month and ads between the tables for each night are $10 a month.

Terry Allen